Bring the birds singing into your garden

Written by Catherine Clulow

What is better than waking up to the chirping, chittering and song of birds in the garden? And not only waking up to those melodies but having regular visitors, enjoying your garden with you, helping with pests, pollinating, offering fascination, beauty and diversity…. Birds are a joy and today this blog shares some tips to bring the birds singing into your garden.

Meet birds’ 3 easy-to-cater-for basic needs and they will come

  1. Food

Plant trees and shrubs that offer fruits and berries, seeds or nectar that our flying friends love. And/or incorporate plants in your garden that encourage and attract insects that birds in your area feed on.

  1. Water

Provide a birdbath, pond or water feature and you could double the number of visiting birds. Ensure that there are ample perching options for the birds to enjoy these wet wonders.

  1. Shelter

Create spaces where birds can hide from predators, take refuge in bad weather, and build their nests. Trees, shrubs and tall grasses, as well as piled up logs, hollow tree trunks and made-to-order bird houses all provide excellent shelter.

Kevin Sields (2)
Cape White-eye © Kevin Shields

Who you might meet…

Orange-breasted sunbirds are attracted by brightly coloured tubular flowers such as Ericas, Aloes, Leonotis etc.

Orange Breasted Sunbird - Mark Booysens
Orange breasted sunbird © Mark Booysens

Plants like the sweet pea bush (Podalyria calyptrata) attract insects, which will attract birds like the Cape Batis.

Cape Batis- Kevin Shields
Cape Batis © Kevin Shields

The Cape White-eye feeds on many garden pests like aphids and scale insects, as well as fruit and nectar.

Cape White-eye- Kevin Shields
Cape White-eye © Kevin Shields

May you soon be whistling and singing along with your flighted friends. Happy gardening! Share with us in the comments below which birds you’ve had the pleasure of hosting in your garden.




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